Inspired by tradition, feeding curiosity

Through our exploration of traditional Mexican cuisine, Vera Mexicana highlights the high-quality ingredients and products found across Mexico. We do this together with our close partners and suppliers and a socially sustainable approach to food production.

Products based on a love for real Mexican food

Vera Mexicana is born out of love for real Mexican food and a desire to break the stronghold that Tex-Mex products have on European shoppers. While Tex-Mex does have a rich culinary history of its own, too often what’s on offer at the supermarket is highly processed, very salty, and totally lacking in complex flavor. For too long, what has been proffered as ‘Mexican food’ has been but a weak imitation of the rich experiences we know are out there. And we believe the people of Europe deserve better. We want to bridge this gap by making a broad selection of high-quality products available that represent an exciting (and delicious) slice of the ingredients and flavors of Mexico. Products that are made by locals in Mexico, using time-tested traditional methods and recipes.

The unmatched, and in many cases unfamiliar, tastes of the Mexican kitchen tend to win over everyone who gets the chance to really experience them. Our products are great to eat with a variety of foods and dishes. But cooking these yourself can seem like quite the daunting task. That’s why we also work to help fill in the gaps by showing you what to do, explaining how and why the products are used as they are, and thereby allowing you to share great food with friends, family, and even that weird neighbor down the street (if he’s lucky).

Our approach to food production

Vera Mexicana is based on a simple idea: we want to bring Mexico to you. That means sourcing high-quality ingredients and wonderful flavors. We work with small-scale expert partners and farmers to make sure we offer the best possible products we can.

We believe in a socially responsible and transparent food supply chain. With the development of the international food industry, the actual people involved in growing our food seem to have been all but forgotten. With the commoditization of ingredients and produce, the humans behind it all have been neglected, and thus the products many of us buy have lost what made them great originally.

We want to reverse that trend. We want to work with the best ingredients in order to offer the best products possible. To do this, we need to work with passionate and knowledgeable people. We want to show you who we work with, share their story, and ensure that we play a positive role in harnessing the knowledge perfected through generations of practice! So you can know that what ends up on your plate started with a real person in Mexico. That’s what we live by, and you should demand nothing less.

The Vera Family

Vera Mexicana was founded by two Danes who fell in love with Mexico at first sight. Likewise, everyone involved with Vera Mexicana shares our love for Mexico and its beautiful culture and food. The team is, and always will be, one of the most important parts of the Vera Family.

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